Fast Back Ropes Ultimate Four Rope 4 Strand Head Team Rope 31'

Fast Back Ropes Ultimate Four Rope 4 Strand Head Team Rope 31'

Brand: Fast Back Ropes
Code: U4331

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Category: Rope

Brand:Fast Back Ropes


  • 4 Strand Head Rope
  • Nylon/Poly Blend
  • Length: 31ft.
  • Size: Small
  • Weight: Light
  • Lays: Extra Extra Soft, Extra Soft, Soft, Medium Soft

A new poly blend four strand from Fastback Ropes, made for Clay Tryan, the 2005 World Champion team roper. The Ultimate 4 is an extremely well balanced four strand nylon-poly blend. It has a smooth, quick feel with unsurpassed durability and is ideal for various weather conditions. The Ultimate Four is slightly smaller than the MachIII or the Mach 4. The smaller size makes it ideal for shorter horned cattle.

"After more than a year of developing this rope, we have a four-strand that is smooth, durable and true. It is the ultimate four-strand."

-Clay Tryan, World Champion Team Roper

"I love the way this heel rope stays open. It's balanced, feels great and is affected little by weather. This rope lasts longer than any rope I've ever used."

-Patrick Smith, World Champion Team Roper