ONE Used Lariat Team Rope Good For Decor or Roping Practice 30' to 35'

ONE Used Lariat Team Rope Good For Decor or Roping Practice 30' to 35'

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Category: Rope



  • One Used Team Rope
  • Great for Western Decor
  • Crafts
  • The Practice Pen
  • Day Working
  • All ropes will have been used but have not been cut off from their original length (30'-35')
  • All ropes will have a honda with burner
  • Assortment of major brands such as Cactus, Fast Back, Classic, and Rattler
  • Ropes maybe different colors and are not perfectly clean (they've all been used in arena or on ranch)

The rope sold will NOT be the same rope that is in the photo. 

Due to the number of used ropes that pass through our doors we cannot guarantee the color or type of rope that you will get - the selection is ever-changing.  

Ropes may be natural colored or bright.  Some will be dirty, others will be cleaner.  We do make sure they are not cut off and that the honda is intact, so the ropes can be used for practice.  However, each roper or cowboy who used these ropes had individual preferences.  They may have been used in the arena winning buckles, on the ranch rounding up strays, or at the dummy in the hands of the next generation as they learn the art.