Rattler Ropes Viper 5 Strand Calf Rope
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Rattler Ropes Viper 5 Strand Calf Rope

Brand: Rattler Ropes

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Category: Rope

Brand: Rattler Ropes

Condition: New

  • 5 Strand
  • Length: 28'
  • Less Stretch
  • Core-Tech

The Viper five strand calf ropes by Rattler Ropes have the speed and quick snap like a vipers strike. This rope is made of five strand of low stretch poly fibers are woven around a solid braided core. This calf rope has more consistency and less stretch than any calf rope on the market today. The Viper calf rope has the feel of a poly-grass rope, the strength, and stability that only he core-tech can give. This rope is the same every time you won’t break this rope!