Relentless Combo Value Pack (Bells, Fronts, and Hinds)
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Relentless Combo Value Pack (Bells, Fronts, and Hinds)

Brand: Relentless
Code: VP250SP575

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Category: Leg Gear



This combo pack has everything your horse needs to protect its legs. The combo pack includes relentless hind and front boots as well as the relentless strikeforce bellboots.

Trevor Brazile's new sport boots are designed to meet the demands of every horse and rider within all equine disciplines. The All-Around Sport Boots are the pinnacle of protection and have a streamlined fit that contours to the cannon bone and fetlock while preventing the build-up of dirt and debris between the boot and the horse. The base of the boot is cut higher and matches the natural curve of the horse's lower leg, allowing full flex and extension without interference from the boost.

The All-Around Sport Boots are constructed from top-quality materials and carry Pro Equine's Patented Sling Technology (PST), which increases tendon and ligament support while reducing hyperextension and concussion caused by cross-over interference.

Relentless All-Around Hind Sport Boots are designed for competitors who need ultimate hind leg protection for their performance horses.

Trevor's all new heavy duty 2520 Denier ballistic nylon over-reach boots are the pinnacle of style and protection. With an extremely clean look, the All-Around No-Turn Bell Boots are made to contour around the horse's hoof and stay in place with the built-in heel bulb.