Willard Ropes 3 Strand Syngrass Poly Calf Rope

Willard Ropes 3 Strand Syngrass Poly Calf Rope

Brand: Willard Rope Company
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Category: Rope

Brand:Willard Rope Company


These ropes are made of a synthetic material designed to have the look and feel of a polygrass. Our Syngrass ropes have a lead core running through 2 of it’s 3 strands.

Length - 28 foot


It is important to follow this break in process for all our Syngrass ropes. They require a bit more attention at first but it’s well worth it. The end result will be a very durable and dependable rope!

Day 1 - Start by putting a stretch on your new Syngrass. This can easily be done by using a post and pulling hard a couple of times. Coil it up as large as possible and store it in your rope can for the day. Ensure the honda is straight or slightly to the right just like a grass rope.

Day 2 - Rope no more than 2 smaller calves if possible then store it in your can again for the day.

Day 3 - Repeat the steps of the previous day.

After following these steps your new rope is ready to go! Care for them the same as your other polys.

If you skip the break in process it could cause issues with your new rope and it may not hold up as well.