Classic Rope XR4 4 Strand Head Team Rope 30'
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Classic Rope XR4 4 Strand Head Team Rope 30'

Brand: Classic Ropes
Code: XR4330

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Category: Rope

Brand:Classic Ropes


  • 4 Strand Head Rope
  • 100% Nylon
  • Length: 30'
  • Diameter:3/8" True
  • Lays: Extra Extra Soft, Extra Soft, Soft

When you back in the box for that important run, you'll be glad you chose the XR4. Classic Ropes are the maker of this nylon rope. Since the XR4 lasts 50% longer than most other nylons, you can feel confident that the rope you have used to get you to the short round will still feel the same during it. 4 strands instead of 3 and a feel that other ropes can't compare to.