Do you have a "gently used" WESTERN saddle to sell? Show it to us. Use the form below to upload pictures and if we are interested we will cut you a check as soon as the saddle arrives here (pending inspection). We are always in search of good, used western saddles. Once we determine value & make an offer you ship or bring your saddle to us; we'll fund next business day.

What We Are Looking For:

  • Name brand saddles
  • Maker-stamped Western saddles - Ranchers, Ropers, Barrel, Trail, etc.
  • Quality handmade saddles from Martin, Coats, Cactus, Billy Cook, Circle Y, Teskey's, Coolhorse and similar brands.
  • Real leather.

NO ENGLISH, DRESSAGE, or AUSTRALIAN saddles, please! We can't use saddles that are not in immediate usable condition - no broken trees, rotted leather and other damage requiring repair before use. If we can't ride it, we can't buy it. We also do not buy synthetic saddles - real leather only!

Sell or Trade*


ex.: team roper, rancher, barrel racer, ...

Measured from swell to seat

Make sure you do not skip inputs when uploading pictures. You can upload up to 5